Attract new traffic and visitors with regular blogging on your website. With each post you’re investing in your business and your website SEO.

Ever-Green Blogs can be common questions in your business and should be easily found. These don’t show a post date and stay current. Use these on a FAQ page. If you do nothing else, this is a great place to start.

10 Blog Package  $499  – With a digital recorder and 1 hour of your time, we will interview you then write and create the top 10 blogs in draft form for your final edit and approval. We take the work out of it and get the job done quickly. Depending on your strategy, load all blogs and schedule them to create a regular broadcast. Connect each post automatically to your social media sites and pull your “A” customers back to your blog and your website.

Video Blog – Various styles including teleprompter or interview are used to create a professional corporate video. These create a report with your customer making it easier for the them to call you. Do they like you? trust you? are you credible?  Post your video blogs to social media and broadcast your message.

(various package$ available)

Video Blog DYI – We will show you how, and get you off the ground to do your own video blogs.

Together we create your blogging strategy, title brainstorming, blog writing and publishing on your company blog.

Spend 20 minutes with us to find out specifically what we can do for you.

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