Corporate photography: We never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Do your photos best represent you and your company?

  • Executive photos and headshots (studio lighting)
  • Management Personality – on-location (unique and natural light)
  • Team photos – group shot and individual headshot with uniform background or logo
  • Product photos
  • Food photography
  • Project overview
  • Architectural photography
  • Events
  • 360 Degree imagery and virtual tours.

What style should I have as my professional photo? It depends on what message you want to send out. Call me old school however a formal (but relaxed) shows confidence and professionalism. We will shoot various poses and even various outfits to cover bases. You will see the images during the shoot to ensure you are pleased with the outcome. Relax, we make a photoshoot fun and it is reflected in our work.

Photo editing? Yes we can touch things up a little and hide that blemish or wrinkle. Even though we like you just the way you are!

Pricing? There are so many variables here that we need to chat to understand your requirements, our set up and equipment etc. Photos licensing is not an issue. One time fee and you own your photos. Call and we will provide a quote by phone.

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